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Cincinnati Reds Ticket Information

See how one of the oldest names in baseball is helping the sport thrive in Ohio when you watch the Cincinnati Reds take the plate. A fixture in the state since 1882, the Reds have been sporting red socks since before the Red Sox, and their 9 league pennants and 5 World Series titles have earned them plenty of acclaim to call their own. Pick up your Reds tickets and see the next chapter in a great history play out on the field before you.

Bringing Baseball to Ohio

When the team got its start, 12 years ahead of their future rivals in Cleveland, they were already the second pro baseball team. The original Reds had been expelled from the National League 2 years earlier, on less-than-fair charges, so the new team tried its luck as a charter member of the American Association. They escaped that league’s fate by returning to the National League in 1890, and then went to work making a name for themselves.

The team won 4 pennants, and 2 World Series by the time they reached their heyday in 1970s, when they would double that total in just 6 years. On the way to becoming the Big Red Machine, they added names like Edd Roush, Ernie Lombardi, Johnny Bench, and Tony Pérez to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and left a legacy that fans in Cincinnati can be proud of.

Greatness on the Riverbank

A visit to Great American Ball Park treats you to a community of energetic fans right on the bank of the Ohio River, where some terrific baseball is waiting to happen. Catching the Reds on the road lets you see the team go toe to toe with some of the other great teams in baseball, whether they’re vying for the Ohio Cup against the Cleveland Indians or chasing their next spot in the MLB Playoffs. Either way, tickets to a Reds game are a sure way to see some of the best action in the sport.